From Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Sales to Real Estate Agent

This is a real life story about a career change from multi level marketing jewelry sales to real estate agent.

Q1: What was the driver for the change?
A1: Desire to make more money and also a desire to work closer to home. I was doing the buying for the multi-level company and had to go to NYC, so I wanted to stay in New Jersey.

Q2: How did you make the transition?
A2: I used my sales skills, took a course in real estate, and then used many of my personal and business connections to continue on with sales.

Q3: What education or training did you get?
A3: I took a real estate course which lasted a few months.

Q4: What do you like the most about your new career?
A4: The money was much bigger when I made a sale and that was exciting to me. Also I enjoyed seeing homes and how people lived, and I liked putting people together with homes.. felt like a matchmaker.

Q5: Please describe your overall career change experience.
A5: For me I needed to make better money. I was getting divorced and I needed to know I could make the money needed to keep my children in the same lifestyle they were used to. It wasn’t so easy at first I needed to work long hours 6 days a week to make a name for myself. There was alot of competition but that didn’t stop me, I knew I could do whatever needed to be done, and I knew I was good in sales.

Q6: What advice will you give to people who want to change careers?
A6: People need to see if they can sustain themselves if they decide to change careers, not to just quit one and then go for another. They can start educating themselves toward the skills they will need, take a few courses, network and meet others who work in the field they are looking to go into, and perhaps go into the new field part time at first. If they are starting their own business they definitely need to speak to others about start up costs and use whatever networking is available to them.

If you had a great career change experience, go ahead and share it. We can all use an inspiration. If you had a difficult experience, please share it as well. It will help others to make better choices for them.To share your story please take the Career Change Experience Questionnaire.

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