From VP, Computer Operations (IT) to Social Worker

This is a real life story about a career change from being a VP, Computer Operations (IT) to Social Worker.

Q1: What was the driver for the change?
A1: Desire to do something different. The Loss of a job allowed me to do it.

Q2: How did you make the transition?
A2: I volunteered with the Peace Corps. This led me to the decision to be a Social Worker. In order to accomplish my goal as a social Worker I returned to Graduate school.

Q3: What education or training did you get?
A3: In order to accomplish my goal as a social Worker I returned to Graduate school.

Q4: What will you do differently?
A4: I originally tried to go to Social Work school initially after I made the decision but circumstances stopped me and I decided not to go into Social Work. I went back to Corp America as a Director of Operations for a firm. I lasted their about a year when I realized it wasn’t working. From that time to my first paid job was 3 years. Looking back, I wish I would have found a way to do it when I first wanted to, I would have worked within social services sectors while attending school.

If you had a great career change experience, go ahead and share it. We can all use an inspiration. If you had a difficult experience, please share it as well. It will help others to make better choices for them.To share your story please take the Career Change Experience Questionnaire.

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