From Organizational Effectiveness Specialist to Self-Employed Professional Coach

This is a real life career change story from being an Organizational Effectiveness Specialist in a corporate environment to self-employed Professional Coach.

Q1: What was the driver for the change?
A1:  My love and passion for coaching and desire to work for myself.

Q2: How did you make the transition?
A2: In January 2007, I was still working fulltime but finished a coaching certification. I began coaching on the side of my job. In Feb, 2009, I quit my job to finish my Masters degree in 9 months. I had been working on it part time before. I felt that I needed that degree for crediblity in organizations that I wished to coach in. In the beginning of 2010, I began slowly building my coaching practice.

Q3: What education or training did you get?
A3: iPEC coaching school, CEC Masters in Organizational Change Management

Q4: What do you like the most about your new career?
A4: Flexibility to travel, creating my own direction and purpose.

Q5: Please describe your overall career change experience.
A5: It was a long process, but I had the vision of working for myself and with Divine Assistance and also my own persistence, I didn’t give up or take the easy route.

Q6: What advice will you give to people who want to change careers?
A6: Get a coach, plan your strategy, and stay consistent.

If you had a great career change experience, go ahead and share it. We can all use an inspiration. If you had a difficult experience, please share it as well. It will help others to make better choices for them.To share your story please take the Career Change Experience Questionnaire.

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