From VP, Asset Management to Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

This is a real life career change story from being a VP, Asset Management to Emotional Counseling in spiritual context, Reiki/Qigong Healing and teaching Yoga as medicine.

Q1: What was the driver for the change?
A1: Desire to find a greater purpose and working with a Spiritual Teacher who helped me access my true desires.

Q2: How did you make the transition?
A2: I had a great cheerleader by my side, my life coach.
She instilled so much faith and confidence in my abilities to pursue absolutely anything I just trusted that I can pursue a life that contained something I thoroughly enjoy doing and get compensated for it.
I trusted that life is about taking risks, and growing from it.
What is the worst that can happen? It does not work out, well you move on.
We really don’t make bad decisions, this is the inevitable process of evolution.
My message is to identify an environment that nourishes you most, we all have a creative imagination, tap into it and pursue at attaining it.
And trust that whatever evolves is to your benefit.

Q3: What do you like the most about your new career?
A3: I am really living out my true purpose, my work is my lifestyle, I teach what I adore and manage to sustain my family.

Q4: What will you do differently?
A4: Nothing.

If you had a great career change experience, go ahead and share it. We can all use an inspiration. If you had a difficult experience, please share it as well. It will help others to make better choices for them.To share your story please take the Career Change Experience Questionnaire.

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